Time to do work you love & get paid stupidly well to do it!
Create Your Own Lane

Are you ready for the money & freedom you want in your career even if that means doing it your way? - no experience, no qualifications NO PROBLEM

OR have you done everything the right way or what you were told is the right way and still haven’t been able to get the money, the promotion or the respect you know you deserve? 

Does moving into a new industry, feel like a secret club you can't get into & do you need some help making your experience have the impact necessary to secure the roles you want?

OR Are you ready to navigate your way out of all the corporate politics so you can get the most out of your career with a company that actually appreciates and values your contribution or even navigate your way right out the door into Entrepreneurship?

Then CYOL might just be the place for you

Create Your Own Lane is my signature 1:1 Coaching programme where we work together & create a personalised route that uses your specific qualities, personality and experience to take your career in a new direction

You will learn to stop doubting yourself & become confident around the skills you already have to offer so you can secure the money and position you’ve always wanted

*Have you been doing the same thing for what feels like forever & just can't see how you can transfer that into a new role or industry?

*Maybe you're earning OKAY money but nowhere near what you want for the plans you've set out

*Or is 9-5 dead altogether and you're ready or have even dipped a toe into entrepreneurship but need help making the transition?

If you're tired of updating your CV just to get shortlisted for the same roles
Want to be earning more, but only seem to get the small increases
Are done with the toxic environments, not being heard and being overlooked no matter how much hard work you put in or you've just got bored of what you do and want something new that lights you up

Then I get it. I stopped enjoying my job after almost ten years, but everyone told me it was impossible to make a successful change after so long, especially without qualifications and if I wasn't able to get the money, I wanted in a career I'd done for 10 years, how would I get it somewhere else?
For so long that made Self-doubt and lack of confidence live in my head rent free, but it finally stopped when I decided being happy and building a great life for me and my daughter was non-negotiable. I stopped listening to everyone else's advice and opinions and instead of focusing on why it couldn't work, I found my own way to make it happen.

Side doors and windows were made for a reason. There is more than one way to get the results you want, so I literally created my own lane

Which led to a total industry change from childcare to recruitment and HR with zero experience, countless promotions, doubling my salary, enjoying what I do and full-time money on part time hours. Plus, starting 2 businesses 

Once I did it for myself, I knew it was possible for every other woman to get her career to go her way, without doing it the way everyone says you have to

In CYOL - 
  • We’re getting More Money without More experience 
  • Changing industry with No qualifications & often with zero experience
  • We are getting promotions & pay rises after being turned down repeatedly 
  • We are owning our best qualities, selling TF out of them & getting companies to pay us really well to use them
We build our careers unconventionally if that's what it takes and prove that hitting our career goals can be done with a little strategy and a lot of self-belief

If you are ready to pave your own way, using the skills you have right now book a call to see how CYOL can support you to get there

We will work together for you to......
- Identify & believe in your best qualities & top skills
- Build your Confidence, repackage your skills, then learn how to communicate TF out of them with maximum impact
- Decide on your next career direction - what you need to grow, develop & be happy
- Plus get comfortable building & marketing your personal brand so you get easier promotions, more money and a career you enjoy doing

*Getting the money, you want to do the work you want doesn't have to be hard or forced when you create a lane that works for you!*

Florence -
I didn't realise how much I have to give and that I can be confident in who I am. She brought out the powerhouse person that I am 

⭐Tripled her hourly income, got two job offers in a brand-new industry, then went into entrepreneurship instead⭐
Fara -
Loved the changes you made to my CV, literally would never have been able to do that myself. The Confidence it gave me is insane

⭐21K pay rise, same job new company⭐
Zara -
What we accomplished in one of our sessions would have taken me a year

⭐Grew her Coaching business & created consistent clients⭐
Leanne -
I still can't believe I got offered a job on the spot in my dream industry, there is no way I could have done all this without you. Before we met I tried for so long but my self-esteem was just so low, us meeting was meant to happen.

⭐21k pay rise, new industry⭐
What's included:

Packages are between 10 and 16 weeks

Weekly/biweekly 60 - 90 minute Virtual Coaching Calls or In Person Sessions

Unlimited support in between sessions through Voxer Voice & Message (M-F)
to help you stay on track, feel confident and get support & answers as situations arise

 Personalised Exercises and Mindset work to support your Transition & personal growth

Access to all my Masterclasses, workshops, templates, scripts & resources 

Investments start from £2217 (Payment Plans available)
My 1:1 Coaching is for you if....
  • You're ready for a career change but have no idea where to start or if it's even possible
  • You've always had a job but are ready to build a career and thrive 
  • You want more money or more flexibility without needing years more experience or another qualification
  • You want respect, appreciation and to be taken seriously at work for all the hard work you put in 
  • You want to have the support, guidance and know how from someone who's done it before and has the expertise to show you the way
  • You want to do all the above while taking your confidence from a 2 to a 10 
While working together you'll finally be able to:
*Develop the confidence needed to actually see everything you have to offer & communicate it like a Boss

*Create a professional brand through your CV, LinkedIn & simple networking techniques that get you noticed

*Use my proven 5 figure pay rise techniques to get paid what you deserve

*Sit in the right rooms, secure your ideal role & get promoted 

*Stop letting comparison, criticism & doubt keep you stuck & actually commit to your dreams of building a career & life that lights you up

Book your free consultation & lets chat about how it all works and what to expect.

Whether you want a total career change, better income or support transitioning to entrepreneurship, we'll map out exactly what you need & I'll give you hands on support to get you there.
NO MORE hoping for the best & just seeing where you end up
Take full control of your career and personal brand. While finding your voice and confidently owning your skills

Create the impact necessary to excel in your career and gain the tools to beat imposter syndrome.

Build a career that brings you security and the lifestyle you desire

My programme is for women who are frustrated in their career & ready to take action, whether that's in order to move up within leadership, change industry successfully or secure pay rises. Women who want to get the most from their work, enjoy what they're doing & see a real transformation in their current situation, so they can start living the life they want sooner rather than later.
As a certified Life Coach & one of the most motivated, results driven people you'll meet, the advantage of working with me is a no BS approach where we get to the root of what’s holding you back and make a plan to move you forward fast so you can achieve the success you want & be happy doing it. You'll learn exactly what needs to change & I will support you every step of the way.

I'm a Mentor who’s been there before & felt all the feelings, giving you a direct line to what is needed & I'm your cheat code to speeding up your results. I understand what it's like to keep trying to piece it altogether alone and hit the same roadblocks, so I can bring you some clarity, accountability, support and the push you really need.